• Rachel May 27th, 2008.

    My trip to Japan this month was a huge success! It was wonderful to visit my family and friends, and very exciting to see the results of my work for this year's Maple Home. I have some beautiful photographs of my trip to Japan to share, and also many images of the finished 2008 Model Home. Click here to visit the 2008 Model Home page.
    - Midori

  • Eastside Project May 5th, 2008.

    I recently entered into Seattle Homes & Lifestyles Magazine's Kitchen of the Year contest, and was excited to hear today that I have been nominated for placement in the top three! My kitchen design will be featured alongside the winner and second runner-up in the July/August issue this year. Just click on the image to the left to see a larger view of the kitchen, with a copy of my exciting letter!
    - Midori

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