• SDC 35th March 26th, 2008.

    Last week was the 35th Anniversary of the Seattle Design Center. I always enjoy my visits to the Design Center when choosing materials for a client, so it was a treat to visit them for a celebration. It was exciting to hear that Luxe will begin releasing issues of its architectural and interior design magazine for the Seattle area. To see details of the celebration, please click on the link to the right.
    - Midori

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  • Fashion Show March 11th, 2008.

    Party time with Gene Juarez! This weekend at The Showbox in Seattle, Gene Juarez Salons and Spas hosted a fashion show for employees only. Of course, I was invited because I'm such a fabulous V.I.P. guest. My invitation may also have something to do with my equally fabulous designs for their Washington stores, but in either case it means that I can share this exciting evening with you. Click on the link to the left to see pictures of the event, and to read more about the party. If you would like to see some of my designs for Gene Juarez, click here to view a gallery of images from the Southcenter location.
    - Midori

  • Clarke March 7th, 2008.

    Are you curious about Feng Shui? One of the many services I like to offer my clients is the option for a Feng Shui consultation prior to the design of their home. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and science of arranging elements in your environment for the purpose of improving health, wealth, and happiness. I recently completed the space design for a small West Seattle condominium, using a professional Feng Shui reading as a guide. This form of traditional Chinese Feng Shui incorporates the birth date of the user into the reading, in order to provide a more accurate and personalized reading. In the case of this client there was also the consideration of limited space, so design options matching the Feng Shui reading were limited. Fortunately, the client and I were able to reach an attractive solution for this space, selecting furniture and accessories to comply with the Feng Shui parameters and also represent the client's personal style. To see the final space plan and furniture selections, please click on the image to the left.
    - Midori