• Midori January 23rd, 2008.

    This week at M.Y.I.D., we've made some great progress on a brand-new residential project. In this project, I will be working mainly in the living room and kitchen areas, picking out color palettes and finding materials to match. This couple has already begun to renovate their home, and has found a contractor they would like to work with. I will be choosing materials for these spaces and providing design deliverables to the contractor (such as elevations, specifications, etc.).
  • Midori To see projected renderings of these two spaces and the materials I've chosen thus far, please click on the link to the right.

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  • Midori January 21st, 2008.

    Hi there! I am Midori's Design Assistant, Web Manager, and gossip column specialist. My name is Rachel Blauman, and in addition to the weekly business updates, I will be sharing all the juicy details of Midori's daily life, including fun facts and anecdotes straight to you from our little Eastside office. We all know that Midori presents a very professional, down-to-earth personality. You may or may not be aware that she is actually quite a character, with many great stories to share! Be sure to look for updates to this page in the coming weeks, where Midori and I will share with you an ongoing account of current projects, publications, and stranger-than-fiction journal entries. XOXO
    - Rachel

  • Midori January 10th, 2008.

    Welcome to my weekly online journal! On this page I hope to share information on my ongoing projects, as well as a little bit about myself. I am very excited to add this feature to my web site for 2008, and I hope that this will be a fun addition for my friends and clients. Many wonderful things have happened in the last year, and I have even higher hopes for the new year. I hope everyone is as excited as I am to see what these pages will hold in the near future. Please check back soon! Also, feel free to email me if you have any questions or comments regarding anything you read on this page. I would love to hear from you.
    - Midori

    Publications this month:

    Seattle Times - Business Section, "My First Job"
    (Downloadable pdf coming soon to the Acheivements page!)