Midori Yoshikawa

An infusion of modern and tranditional design with creative drama aptly describes the driving force behind Midori Yoshikawa's designs.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Midori trained at the coveted Toyo Art College. After graduating with distinction, Midori's successes were numerous. Her first job was at Tokyo's most prestigious design firm to become that company's youngest Chief Designer.

In 1991, Midori moved to Seattle where she worked as an independent commercial designer and for a national residential design chain. At the request of her loyal repeat clients, Midori finally established her own residential and commercial design company.

As with everything in life, Midori approaches design with passion. Midori's design philosophy revolves around working with her clients to create drama and harmony in a room. To achieve this, Midori painstakingly reviews even the smallest details with her homeowners - from the custom-designed stair railings to the hand-picked accessories. Lighting, color, textures, angles and movement - all tie into a complete artistic vision for each room.

Awe-inspiring geometric balance, sensual movement, breathtaking drama and beauty from every angle welcomes you as you step into a Midori Yoshikawa designed world.